webXchange Requirements


webXchange removes files from the Upload folder that are successfully uploaded. It is therefore important to ensure that the Upload folder specified against an initiative is correct. If you wish to keep copies of files sent, then you will need to manually copy them to a suitably named folder before upload.

If you cannot reach the login page, then you are being blocked from using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which is the Internet standard for secure web sites. Curriculum networks with access to the internet often block access to these sites, you will need to talk to your network administrator.

webXchange uses two small active-X software components, automatically downloaded to your computer to allow transparent file transfers from your computer and to control the Browse button on the Setup page. If your network does not allow this automatic download, then you can download a manual installation here.

For this to work you need to have appropriate rights to install this, and execute this in the Windows Program Files and System32 folders. If you have problems in this area you should talk to your network administrator in the first instance.

It will take time to download the components used on the Setup page, and the Upload / Download page, with a reasonable dial-up connection about 5 and 10 minutes respectively. This will only occur the first time you access those pages on a particular machine.


  • Computer: Pentium class processor or compatible.
  • Memory: 32MB.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer (version 6 or later).
  • Screen Resolution: Ideally 1024 * 768 or above.
  • Internet Connection, must allow access to SSL sites (HTTPS), ideally allows automatic download of active-X components.
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