webXchange for Education Authorities


Education authorities can use webXchange to:

  • Provide better support to schools who use our EDI services (e.g. webXchange or School Serve).
  • Transfer files between an Authority and their schools.

Group Management

webXchange supports the following group management functionality:

  • Bulk Account Creation: All of your accounts can be setup instantly, from an Excel spreadsheet of your schools.
  • Group Reports: These allow an authority to view the schools in their group and to monitor the files they send and receive. They also allow an Authority to proactively support schools, for example, by identifying schools who have not downloaded their examination results. All group Reports can be downloaded as CSV files for import into most applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Impersonate: This allows an authority to impersonate one of their schools, allowing the inspection of their configuration and access to their full audit reports. It also allows the authority to resubmit files for the school to download or to generate test files for the school. An authority can also use this facility to setup a school for a specific initiative. (Note: An authority cannot download or view a school's files)

Free webXchange Support Account

Education authorities can request a free webXchange support account by contacting our Sales team. This can be used to trial the software, give demonstrations and support your schools. Support accounts can also be given group management functionality. If an authority already has a School Serve account, then they can login to webXchange by entering their School Serve FTP Username and Password.

Easy to Support

It is extremely easy for an authority's schools to start using webXchange as the whole service can be provisioned on-line.

webXchange is easy to set up, simple to use and very reliable.

Because webXchange is web based an authority does not have to worry about installation CD’s, or the usual inevitable headaches that occur with installations. Neither does it have to consider upgrades, patches or version control.

All of webXchange’s data is held centrally, and authorities as group owners will have access to most of this data for their schools, which can be invaluable for support.


LEA’s can obtain bulk discounts, contact our Sales team for more information.

Sales Enquiries Telephone
0845 2010 280
0845 2010 271
Electronic Mail

Transferring Data With Schools

webXchange can also be used to transfer files between an authority and its schools. webXchange currently supports the transfer of:

  • Common Basic Data Set files as part of the DfE’s IMS frameworks, such as the Annual School Census and the Common Transfer Form files.
  • Capita ES SIMS/EMS Data Manager files.
  • Capita ES SIMS/EMS FMS Financial Reconciliation files.
  • Any file type as part of the LEA initiative, such as Microsoft Word files and Excel Spreadsheets.

webXchange can also support Capita ES SIMS purchase orders (depending on your requirements) and bespoke solutions will be considered.

More information is available in a Microsoft Word document that you can download here.

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