webXchange Downloads

webXchange File Transfer Installation

webXchange a small software component, automatically downloaded, to allow transparent file transfers from and to your computer.

If your network does not allow this automatic download, then you can download and then run the following manual installation program.

It can also be useful to download this installation program if you wish to use webXchange from a number of different computers, as you will only need to perform the download once.

Click on the following link, then select Save target as…, select an appropriate folder to save the file to, and click on Save. Then use Windows Explorer to run the program WTSetup.exe.

webXchange Component Installation (Version 1.00.0289)

Component Installation Requirements

You will require write and execute permissions in your windows program files folder and system32 folder; this usually means having local administration rights when installing.

The following file will be installed in the program files/webxchange folder:

File name Size Date
Wtfiletfr.ocx 282,624 18/07/2007 14:48

The following files are installed in the system32 folder and are included with the component. In the event you have the same or later versions, these will not be installed:

File name Size Date
Asycfilt.dll 147,728 03/08/1999 11:02
Comcat.dll 22,288 05/31/1998 00:00
Comdlg32.ocx 140,288 05/07/1999 00:00
Imagehlp.dll 106,256 10/15/1998 12:04
Mscomctl.ocx 1,064,456 05/13/1999 00:00
Msvbvm60.dll 1,384,448 05/10/1999 16:01
Msvcrt.dll 266,293 02/02/1999 00:00
Objsafety.tlb 1,848 09/13/1999 22:45
Oleaut32.dll 598,288 03/08/1999 12:50
Olepro32.dll 164,112 03/08/1999 12:50
Scrrun.dll 151,824 10/07/1999 11:58
Stdole2.tlb 17,920 03/08/1999 12:15

If you do experience problems running this installation, then check the file Program Files\webXchange\Install.log. This will list all the steps of the installation detailing any problems that have occurred.

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